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Network Management is a hard job. MIBB and ToGather were developed to help a network administrator to use SNMP (Simple Network Managemant Protocol).


ToGather and MIBB are

(c) Rainer Bawidamann ( and
    University of Ulm, University Computer Centre
and are released to the public under the conditions of the GNU Public License GPL.


ToGather is a system to collect/gather data from network devices and to display statistics from the data using a web browser. It consists of a data gathering daemon and two CGI scripts, again written in perl. It was developed to overcome some limitations of MRTG from Tobias Oetiker. ToGather uses RRDTOOL from the same author to store the data and to generate the statistic graphs.

Here are an example of ToGather web pages and a screenshot.


MIBB is an acronym for MIB Browser. MIBB displays information about SNMP objects which are defined in MIB (Management Information Base) modules using a web browser. Additionally you can use it to query network devices via SNMP.

The MIBB display consist of three parts which are generated by three CGI scripts, written in perl:

Here are some Screenshots (v1, still valid):

2000-04-26: first version
2000-09-21: New: Tables (ipRouteTable)
  The tree in "multi-tree" mode







MIBB and ToGather are distributed together as they share perl modules and the MIB modules. The distribution contains an install script and man pages with a configuration language reference. An installation and configuration manual will be available later.

The distribution is one gzipped tar file. Unpack it with

gzip -dc ToGather-2.x.x.tar.gz | tar -xf -
and run "perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/where/to/install". There are more options, read the file "README".

You need the following packages first:

The round robin database tool. rrdtool is from Tobias Oetiker, its web site is
This is a perl module. Perl 5.005 and later already contain this module. If your perl is older you might need to install this module. You can get it from every CPAN mirror or use Storable.
A replacement for Data::Dumper. You don't need this if you have Data::Dumper, but Storable is much faster so you probably want it. Get it from every CPAN mirror.
When the ToGather CGI scripts encounter errors while generating a graph they can report the error in a replacement picture. ToGather can use rrdtool for this but this is just a workaround. If you don't like the look of the error graphs you can install the GD library. Get GD from a CPAN mirror. You will need some C libraries as well. Check the homepage of the C library gd at Most Linux distributions should contain these libraries already.


A description of MIBB and ToGather together with an introduction into SNMP can be found in my (german) diploma thesis which can be downloaded in Postscript here (~ 270 kB).

Other documentation can be found in the manpages shipped together with ToGather: